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This article deeply moved me. I encourage you to read it all.

As a father of multiply-disabled child, I have read dozens of books, articles and web sites on disability, suffering and the Bible. What you will see below may be the finest piece on disability and the sovereignty of God I have ever read.

It was written by Joe Eaton and is particularly powerful because Joe lives with the permanently disabling condition of spina bifida. Please join me in praising God for the insight and wisdom God has granted Joe, who is just completing his first semester of college.

The Sovereignty of God in Suffering, by Joe Eaton (first posted on Facebook and used with his permission here)

A friend and I were talking a while ago about the sovereignty of God. She asked me how I thought the sovereignty of God related to disability. More specifically, how does believing the doctrine of the sovereignty of God affect my own experience with disability? At the time, my thoughts on the subject I weren’t very well-prepared or well-organized. But I have also been meaning to write some thoughts about this since I started this blog! So, finally, I’ve written some of my thoughts on this subject. I pray that these musings are Bible-saturated and helpful…

For the rest of the article, read here


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