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Sorry about the delay in providing updates on Eight Days. Internet access on the coast was limited, and my pictures are not downloading for some reason.  

Yesterday, I was part of a crew that completed demolition of a wood-frame house. We tore it down and hauled it away -down to the dirt!

Then, we worked at hanging sheetrock in a new house. The homeowner has lived in a small FEMA trailer for almost 2 years – it was a joy to visit with her and see her delight in having a home again.

We were also able to share the gospel of God’s grace with 3 individuals! Our objective was to clearly present the plan of salvation and invite people to personally trust Christ alone. Hopefully, we were able to help move three individuals one step closer to heaven.

One of our team led a woman to faith yesterday. To say she was excited is an understatement!

We brought in 2008 on the beach – worshipping with dance, praise, testimonies, laughter, prayer. Fireworks were in the sky in the background as we sang and prayed. What a wonderful way to welcome a new year.

We’re back home – and a new crew of folks from Hope Church has replaced us on the Coast.

Thanks for praying for us, and for reading these occasional updates.

Well, not quite.

It did rain a lot last night and this morning. Some of the outside projects had to be postponed until tomorrow.

Thanks for praying for sunny weather.

Cold weather is fine. Warm weather is fine. Rain is fine, if that is what the Lord deems best – but we’d love to be able to complete jobs we have pending and half-completed. 

By the way – really cool how God answers prayer.

Yesterday, as we demolished a house, it began to rain. Our entire crew gathered in a circle and together, prayed, “In Jesus’ name, we rebuke this rain.”

Within 15 seconds, the rain began to lessen. A minute later – no rain was falling.

I know – it was an amazing coincidence.

Yeah, sure, right!


Almost 1100 volunteers will be on the Gulf Coast as a part of Eight Days of Hope this week. We come from 42 states – today, I met folks from New Hampshire, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana.  

After breakfast at 6:00 and some last minute instructions, we broke into teams to take the 150 projects.

A number of the folks from Hope (now 76 strong!) worked on what I’ll call “the demolition team.” Our job was destroying a house that had been…

1. Beaten by Katrina

2. Through a fire

3. Waterdamaged from the fire department.

Being quite good at destroying things, I found myself having a ball.

Oh, by the way, we completed 92 projects today! An additional 150 were added. We’ve got plenty to do!

 img_0702.jpg  img_0713.jpg  img_0708.jpg 

About 50 of us left the parking lot of Hope Church in Tupelo, MS, this morning, headed by bus to Bay St Louis, Waveland and other small towns on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our objective – rebuild homes, in the name of Jesus and for his glory. 

Two hours from the Coast, our charter bus breaks down. We’re cool – no problem. 

After about 45 minutes, another charter picks us up, and its transmission begins to go out. We hobble into the headquarters of Eight Days of Hope – still cool, excited, and ready to roll.  

Tonight, we’ll meet for dinner (prepared by Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers), orientation, and assignments for tomorrow.

Most of our team will be sleeping on the floor in church buildings, schools…. anywhere we can put down a sleeping bag.

Tomorrow, about 900 of us will begin repairing about 150 homes that were damaged by Katrina, Rita and more recent wind storms.

It’s warm! Rain is expected over the next few days. Excellent weather – for the great adventure!

I’m so proud of the leaders from Hope Church, who conceived and gave birth to this remarkable project.

I’m proud of the 76 from Hope who will be working through the New Year, serving Jesus by serving “the least of these.”

I’ll be blogging several times each day – Lord willing – adding pictures, quotes from workers and residents, and my impressions.

Check back tomorrow!