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  1. Sam:
    It was good to read your note of moving from the cloud into shining. Healing will come (is coming) one step/one grace at a time.

    Mike and I watched a movie from Blockbuster the other day that had lots of truths in it. “Waking Wally” is about a man who had a stroke and his recovery. He taught his children hockey (one of them becoming a hockey pro star). One of the things he taught his children and others was “keep your eye on the puck – where it IS not where it was.” Another thing he would tell them is to not look down as they were skating – “to look up – the skates are on your feet not on your eyes.”

    We love Central and Earnie/Anne. Mike and I and Warren and Lisa pray for you and Ruthe continually. They especially feel your pain as they have walked somewaht that path. Warren leaves for the Phillipines again around Easter. He and Lisa love where he is now as Worship Leader; and their ministry CLEAR Camps is still going strong.

    There is an exciting new journey for you and I praise Him that you will walk obediently. What a miracle and inspiration litte Eloise is to us all!

    Mike and I have a new Gourmet Cafe and Bookstore in Rossville. Should you and Ruthe get a chance to visit out there for lunch or early dinner- Inspirations, LLC, Gourmet Cafe and Bookstore, 5285 Hwy 57, Rossville, TN 901-850-9544 (located in with A New Bloom Florist . Mike and I are out there in the evenings and on Saturday, but the girls will do a great job serving you. Try our Tomato Apple Bacon Soup…

    In Christ!
    Linda and MIke Jackson

  2. Pastor Sam,
    HE is shinning on you! I sat under your teaching/preaching Sunday and once again experienced the power of the Holy Spirit movng in you and through you to me where I am on this journey HOME!
    There was hard truth presented unashamed with boldness in love and gentleness along with just the right amount of humor. There was also your obvious personal conviction by the Holy Spirit of the message content that made it very real and believeable.
    All of this is what the LORD used so powerfully in my life during the four years I sat under your teaching/preaching at GBC. HE used it to mold and shape me into a mature enough believer to weather the storm of last year coming through more steadfast and determined to let JESUS SHINE!
    HE is so good to let me once again be under your teaching/preaching and watch HIM SHINE on and in you, Pastor Sam Shaw! HE is answering so many heart crys of mine and many more for you and dear Ruthe by bringing you two to First Evan, Tupelo. I am very excited about what HE has planned for all of us in the future, as HE heals, restores and makes us all more like JESUS.
    See you Sunday, Pastor!
    Kathy Whitt

  3. Hi Bro Sam,
    I was reading you site and enjoying the pictures of your family onece again.
    Hope to see ya’ll tonight at cell group at our house. If you need our phone number it’s 842-2949. Also, I’ve emailed the directions to you.

  4. So glad to hear ur house sold! Anyhting u need during the move – call us!
    Dave & Pat

    PS- we joined Central!

  5. I have heard you recite the 23rd Psalm in Spanish exactly and completely. You said that you learned Spanish using that bible passage, and needed it to further your God given calling. I believe that your website has relevant content for people of any language. Can I suggest broadening your reach by translating (or seeking volunteers to translate) some of your daily messages into Spanish onto a parallel site?

  6. Sam: If I could ever be of help to you in translating, I would be glad to do it. I enjoy reading your “blog” and miss seeing you and Ruthe. Marynelle and I were glad to see that yo have an offer and closing coming up soon on your house.

  7. Hey Sam!

    I’m a silent but regular visitor to your blog. Wish you and Ruthe the best. Thought you’d enjoy visiting

    Joe Carter is an ex-Marine (if there is such a thing) and he always has interesting stuff…

  8. Hi Sam – Hope all is well. Like many others , we miss you greatly. I have a thought for your prayer & consideration. What about a men’s retreat this fall (end of summer) which would even allow GBC refugees to attend? I believe it would be a real blessing for so many of us who still remain unsettled.
    Thank you for submitting this idea to the Lord for His guidence.
    God bless you richly, Paul

  9. My dear in Christ Jesus,

    Warmest greetings to you in his most worthy and fair name. At this auspicious time I introduce to you as pastor J. Prabhu Das serving the lord for the last 17 years, in Tenali town and its surrounding villages, having our headquarters church at Tenali. We reach the unreached, campaign for 2 days in each village, knock door-to-door, distribute tracks, pamphlets and bible material, pray for the sick and needy, conduct street preaching and in night timing Gospel Meetings preaching the glorious gospel to the unsaved and winning souls to add to His kingdom.
    Part of our work, we serve the old aged people, give bible training to young and making them visit rural villages preaching gospel to the unsaved. Besides we were encouraging several pastors by conducting pastors seminars. We are also publishing the Christian telugu monthly magazine.
    We were maintaining an orphan home for the last 5 years and serving among HIV/AIDS vicims.

    As ours is a small ministry and its resources are very very nominal, and the church members ate too poor and hot able to contribute any mite, we are facing several financial shardships in maintaining the ministry and look to God to send an interceder to intercede our prayer request to get answer from him.

    I heard about you and have gone through your website, which is very fine and I came to know about the activities of your ministry.
    We do hope you are a great blessing for us too. I invite your kind attention to visit our website at- please let me know your comments by next mail.

    We are much interested to join in your fellowship and strive for him in India and request you to kindly pray for the same my dear brother. We were all praying God for you, for your family, for the abundance of your ministry and for your untiring services for him and request you to continue to pray for us, and for our ministry for granting fellowship to work for you in INDIA .

    With much love in Christ jesus. I look to receive your mail soon.

    Yours brother in his vineyard
    Pastor J.Prabhudas,
    New Jerusalem Prayer House,
    Amaravathipots, Chenchupet,
    TENALI – 522202, Guntur (Dist),
    Andhra Pradesh , South India
    Contact: +91 9290619410.

  10. Hello!

    I’m an Angel_Wings Prayer Warrior for sweet baby. Eloise. I tried the email link on her website and my poor computer just wouldn’t connect.

    Please let Eloise’s family know that Eloise is in our prayers. I know she is a Child of God and that the Lord hears and answers our prayers in her behalf. We continue to pray for her recovery. We also pray that all family members and friends continue to be blessed by the Lord with rest, peace and comfort.

    Sending love on a wing and a prayer.


    • James & Melissa Murray
    • Posted April 25, 2007 at 4:18 am
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    Sam and Ruthe,
    Sorry it has been so long since I talked with you last. It was January 17th at 11:15 p.m., I remember it well. That was when Melissa and I were heading to University of Alabama @ Birmingham to have my double transplant. And you know what? God is GREAT. He can take someone like me and work miracles. My surgery went well and I am 100% better. No more Diabetes and No more Kidney problems. I can handle all the antirejection meds they throw at me, it has been a long journey, but well worth it.
    Just to let you know, now I am an Advocate for the National Kidney Foundation, and Organ Donations. Me and the rest of the Security/Sheriff’s are raising money and walking June 2nd @ Rhodes college for the National Kidney Foundation to raise awareness of Kidney Disease and the need for more donors. You see I was transplanted with a Kidney and a Pancreas from a 19 year old. Because this young person was kind enough to make prior arrangements with his family and sign his donor card. God gave this young person the gift of life to give to someone else. Not too many people knew this, but without the transplant I probably would of lasted another 2 years. God does AMAZING things, especially to the less deserving as me. I am now lifting weights and running 2 to 5 miles a day. God still has a plan with me.
    Sam we want you (if you can) to walk with us June 2nd. I don’t know how your schedule is, but we really would like you there. We REALLY miss you down here. If you can’t walk, I would like a favor to ask of your congregation? And that is Organ Donation. It doesn’t cost a penny, just signing the back of your Driver’s License. I never knew the importance, until it was placed on my family.
    Sam, I am glad that everyone is doing well. I miss you two very much, and so does Melissa. We are still having Sunday morning worship with the whole Security staff. We now have Ron Lancaster leading the message. He has done very well. Now all we have to work on is Tami and Everyone says Hello and that we all miss you here. I have an appointment June 22nd in Birmingham. We are going to try to make Sunday morning service at your church if that is ok? Take care of yourself, and hopefully if Melissa allows, I will be able to ride a motorcycle with you one day. (Just not looking good at this moment…lol) Talk to you soon.
    James and Melissa

  11. Hello, sweet baby Eloise! Just dropping by to let you know I’m thinking of you this evening. By the way, I sending up oodles of prayers in your name tonight. I know and trust that the Lord will see fit to give you the comfort and strength that you need, sweet baby.

    Praise God for another beautiful today and one on its way–tomorrow. May the Lord bless and keep you and your family. We love you very much.

    Sweet dreams. . . .

    • tony green offers My Deepest Thanks To You For Being A Spiritual Inspiration In My Life
    • Posted May 13, 2007 at 6:11 pm
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    Pastor Sam:

    It took a bit of effort, but I was convicted to track you down. I haven’t seen you since the Sunday after September 11, 2001. Even with all the changes in your life, I know God’s perfect plan will bless you. You may not remember me, but I’m the one who has the sister who is the popular Christian speaker and author. Due to my note below, you will know why I HAD to track you down.

    This is so not about me, but a bit of perspective is needed. My mom died eight and a half years ago, changing my life. A year later, Jesus became my personal Lord and Savior. In between those two events, and certainly since I’ve been a Christian, many have helped me grow in my spiritual maturity, as well as lifted me up when I’ve fallen badly.

    At our church today, it was the last message on, “Everybody Has A Story.” Pastor Jonathon closed it out by making a parallel to a movie on a big screen. There are certainly the main characters in the movie, but when the credits roll, you see all the ones behind the scenes who actually made it all come together. They rarely get the credit unless someone makes a special effort to thank them. My commitment today is to thank all those behind the scenes of tony’s Christian story. We know the Producer and Screenplay writer is Jesus, but without those of you I’m sending this to, there’s no telling where my life would have ended up these past 7-8 years.

    Note: Additionally, I am not aspiring for this to become a two-way e-mail discussion. I don’t request any replies. Instead, I just need you to know you were there when I needed you most and certainly still are very special to me.

    Pastor Sam: A little over seven years ago, I walked into your church all alone. It was the first time I had stepped into church in 21 years. I knew my life had to change. My sister was so excited I was going. As soon as I got out of your service, she called me and asked, “So, how was Pastor Sam?” I said, “He spoke on tithing, but he was pretty good.” She said, “Tone-Tone, if he’s good on tithing, he’s gonna be REALLY good on all the other topics!!!” She was so right. The next week or two, you began, “What if it’s true?” This was exactly what this non-Christian seeker needed! The eight messages, culminating on Easter Sunday with the message on the significance of the Resurrection, built a foundation in me that has never left my brain. Even though it was after I moved to New Orleans a few months later that my heart invited Jesus in, the foundation you gave me with “What if it’s true?” was incredibly critical to my conversion. God had me walk in that day on tithing, which I dreaded when I saw it on the bulletin, and he had me come back all eight of the Sundays of that pivotal series. You know how you often hear people say, “Even with all those folks in the congregation, that message today was specifically for me!” That was me with you. I count you as one of those who helped change my life for the best. For that, I will eternally thank you. I wish you the best. May God continue to bless you and yours.


  12. Bro. Sam

    I was reading your article on finding the right church and seen at the bottom that it noted something about a ppt that went with it. I was wondering if this was still available or is it was something for the public.

    A wonderful article! All 3 parts.

    Bro. Steve Cowart

    Teague Texas

  13. American Family Online (a Christian filtered internet provider that was originally started in Tupelo as an offshoot of the American Family Association and AFR) is blocking your website. Funny Huh?

    Thanks for your leadership at our church!


  14. Dear Dr. Shaw,

    Thank you so much for these wonderful words of encouragement. At MBCC, we are striving to become the “Servant Church” that Jesus modeled in Matthew 20:25-28. Please know that you are a brother beloved and your sermon on “Forgiveness” was powerful. Keep preaching the Word Preacher, for it is the Word of God that changes hearts!!!

    Much love to your wife and your church family.

    Peace and blessings,


  15. Pastor Sam, I am greatly appreciative for your kingdom vision. I know you will do a great work in Tupelo and I am grateful for your vision for the churches that were started while you were at GBC, Hope being one of them. If I can ever help you, I am just a call away.

    Byron James/ pastor
    Hope Community Church
    Atoka Tn.

  16. I have visited your site 821-times

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  20. Isaiah 41:13 For I the Lord your God

    will hold your right hand, saying to you,

    Fear not, I will help you!

    Praying little prayers for YOU everyday
    all the day, just stopping by to let you know.

    Marnie from Angel_Wings

  21. I have visited your site 577-times

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  24. I did a google search on Ray Ortland, Jr., looking for his sermons on-line and found your web-site. Do you have his sermons available on-line to download?
    Thank you. Sharon Yount, missionary in Honduras

  25. Hi-

    We went to GBC for several years, and have moved to SC. Oddly enough, we along with Chris and Susan Holmes who now too live in Greenville. We had you dedicate our quadruplets almost three years ago. We have kept up with you and are jealous of all those in Hope Church that get to walk with you and Ruthe on this journey. Hope all is well.

    Also, I know you two are great prayer warriors,and you may already know about Katherine Wolf. Her father in law is pastor at FBC Montgomery. She is 26 and has had a devestating brain injury. Please add her to your prayers. Her website is also at

    Just know what great prayer warriors you are-after all I was there long enough to see Katelyn Atwell recover- and wanted to add you to the loop.


    Joy Gordon

  26. Hi-
    Hoping that the prayer request for Haley Holmes got to you today. (Chris and Susan)
    She had an AVM in her brain. They were able to stop the bleeding, and remove most of it. They will remove the rest of it depending on what and how she is doing over the next couple of days. Many scary moments today. Please keep them in your prayers. Also pray for travel mercies and safetly for Susan’s sister along with Steve and Pam White as they travel here from Collierville, to help .

  27. Brother,

    How are you? I tell you what I have tried to track you down for some time. You and your son were amazing influences to me when I was younge. Please give me charlies contact info. We need to chat and catch up.

  28. pastor sam

    i truely miss hearing you speak every sunday. i still haven’t found a church that i like since you have left gbc. i loved how you just talked to us and didn’t beat us with the book. the family is great katelyn is doing so good she graduated last year and i am now married and i have a son. i miss you and i hope all is going great for you and the family. you and mrs. ruthe are in my thoughts and prayer. much love from holly springs, ms
    crystal atwell now ivester

  29. Hi Sam! I happened to stumble across your website, and couldn’t believe how your family has grown. Since your days at FBC-Tulsa, our life has changed alot as well. In 1999 we moved to Moses Lake Washington. Talk about living in the home mission field! The best option available church wise for us has been a ELCA Lutheran church. Obviously the biggest difference is what women can do. In the last 8 years, I have been on our church council twice, have been council president, trustee, and finance chair! Quite a change for a Baptist girl. I’m always teased about my Baptist roots, but I wish I had a good old fashion baptist church to go to!
    We are presently in the process of moving to Spokane, WA. Craig has made a career change, going from private practice to becoming a hospitalist. It requires a lot less hours, but when your on its pretty intensive. Like yours, our family has grown. Anna is married with 3 little girls, Samantha 7, Rebekah 3, Ali Beth 1. If that were not enough to keep her busy, she is teaching elementary school. Mollie is also married, but no kids yet. Her husband Chris is in the military and about to finish up his college degree, and will be commissioned as an officer in the Army.
    Not much else to say, tell Ruthie hi, and that I miss her bible studies!
    If you ever want to visit the Pacific Northwest, we always have room, God Bless, Craig and Jamie Hart

  30. Praise our ever lovin Precious Saviour and Lord Jesus!
    Sam, what’s shakin brother and company! My dear God. the Lord is making history with our team and we want you to consider hoping aboard what could

  31. Praise our ever lovin Precious Saviour and Lord Jesus!
    Sam, what’s shakin brother and company! My dear God. the Lord is making history with our team and we want you to consider hoping aboard what could be the next favorite and maybe the greatest biblical work of modern time! Logos Vid .Tv is a compilation of Pastors and Teachers profoundly, accurately proclaiming and expounding under the anointing the word of God by video streamer! Ultimately its set to be our one stop all inclusive Christian website with everything we need to grow and be satisfied to the point of suffering from it, so so so good! love all of you and the body of Christ! Your Bro in Jesus, Terry
    ps sam… email me! you should bless the world with your presence on our site! tell you friends! This is going to be the wildest thing God has done yet! love you so very much my brother! Terry… Thats a great pic of you! hug all my fam for me! Tulsa still rocks and misses you! Jesus Christ is Lord of All! oh we are meeting in the Maybee center!

  32. !!!

  33. Superlatives, Sam and Ruthe, won’t cover my joy of reading about you on Facebook and on your Blog site. Don

  34. Pastor Sam, It is very evident that the Lord has His hand on your and your ministry. Your sermons are always what I need…such a blessing to be a part of a wonderful church!

    • Rev. Dr. T. Y. Das.
    • Posted April 20, 2010 at 12:07 pm
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    Dear beloved –in-Christ.

    I Rev. Dr. T. Y. Das from India greetings to you in the mighty Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. God is great and he is utilizing our services in spreading the Gospel word and many souls have been saved and added to the kingdom of God. Churches and congregations being ministered with
    30 Co-pastors, who are young, anointed and dedicated to the services of Our Lord. We serve the rural village people living below poverty line, preaching them the glorious gospel and leading the large number of souls to add to his kingdom. We are serving for Him according to Mark 16:15-18.

    The organization has taken up burden of providing Medical Care, food, accommodation and other developmental activities. We have also special burden for the victims of HIV/AIDS since 8 years. Care & Support and Home for the Affected & infected children of HIV/AIDS is being run.

    It is not out of place to put before you that it became a heavy burden for us, but we do feel that God fulfill all their needs. Further it is submit that it is neither supported by any Government nor any Trust or Christian organizations.

    In this connection we request you to kindly pray for the victims of HIV/AIDS in providing care, shelter, trafficking, medication, food and education.

    Further there is a lot of Gospel works at to be done in our rural villages and still there are many numbers of villages where people do not know Jesus. We want to reach these unreached areas and like to preach the word of God. At this juncture we seek you’re fullest Co-operation, constant prayers and to extend you’re helping hand.

    Once again I am here with enclosing a tiny brochure of our organization and its activities mainly on HIV/AIDS for your prayers and granting of fellowship to us to minister for Him in India as your representative. We would like to invite you to share the fellowship so as to observe and monitor the activities.

    With love and joy Jesus Christ and look forward to receive your prayerful line in reply soon.

    Yours in His Holy Service,
    Rev. Dr. T. Y. Das.
    Place: Eluru. President/ Good Lamp Org.
    Date: 20th April 2010 E-mail:

    Encls: Profile of the Organization.

    • Rev. Dr. T. Y. Das.
    • Posted April 20, 2010 at 12:08 pm
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    OUR VISION: To serve the poor in needy.

    OUR MISSION: Sowing the precious seed the word of God in the field
    of the world.

    OUR FAITH STATEMENT: There is one God and one mediator between God
    and men, the man Jesus Christ.

    • To make the Nation free from HIV/AIDS and STDS
    • To educated the people on health issues:
    • To prevent trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and women.
    To conduct adult literacy programmes.
    • To find out the street children at bazaars, railway stations, and bus stations and to join them in orphanages.
    • To give Care& Support to the people and children of HIV/AIDS.
    • To conduct Sports & Games to the youth for personality development.
    • To organize medical checkup campaigns, Eye camps, Vaccination camps, and special camps of HIV/AIDS on prevention and awareness.


    Good Lamp Organisation had adopted a village Veerabadrapuram Dendulur mandal with a noble cause of doing welfare activities to the poor and down trodden people of the village. The organization has also constructed a prayer hall cum community hall, which is used for the social activities of the village.

    The organization has established resource center in this community hall for legal aid and health counseling so as to make them reliant.


    On 14/01/2205 the organization have also participated in the relief works at Krishna district mainly at the following villages and places duly distributing the vessels, cloths and rice.

    VILLAGES: Kottapalli, Thummalapalem, Malakayala lanka, and other rural areas of Machilipatnam.


    – – – – – & — – – – – –

    1 COMMUNITY CARE – Care & Support for 10 people living with

    2 COMMUNITY CARE- Care & Support for 25 infected children living
    with HIV/AIDS.

    3. COMMUNITY CARE (Home) for 35 Affected Children
    Who lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS.

    4. OUT REACH WORK – Prevention on HIV/AIDS/STDS.




    I) The organization is having membership affiliation with Government of Indian Ministry of youth affairs & sports. Affiliation no: ELR/80, Dt. 09/05/2006.
    II) The organization is having life membership in Christian Medical Association of India, New Delhi bearing No. Life A- 19978, Dt. 29/11/2005.
    III) The organization is also member in the Network of “Christian HIV/AIDS National Alliance” (CANA), NewDelhi w.e.f. 12/09/2006.

    IV) The organization is also working with Government of Andhra pradesh” District Water Sanitation Mission” – wide the office Lt no. T.O. Lt no 332/DWSM/ NGP/ 2006, Dt. 12/09/2006 of District Collector/ Chairman DWSL/ WGDT on Nirmal Gram Puraskar and the same is also being Continued for the year of 2008-2009.
    V) The organization is also running Residential Bridge Course at kaikaram for the Dropout school children wide office orders of R.C. No.7/D6/SSA/06, Dt. 07/09/2006 of District Collector West Godavari District and Chairman SSA and the same is also being continued for the year of 2009-2010.
    VI) The organization is also running ‘Adult Literacy’ programme at various places in West Godavari w.e.f 01/10/2006.

    • There is no cure for HIV/AIDS victims but there is cure in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are awakening spiritual life that lost their hope .
    • We share the love of Jesus Christ with the victims of HIV/AIDS individually in counseling, in the meetings & conferences and also by supplying spiritual literacy.
    • Children development programmes – are being done independently in West Godavari District.
    • Track distribution work is being carried through out the district.
    • A film ministry is also being run through out the district.
    • Pastor’s fellowship & Church plantations are being carried out.
    • Bible school – literature ministry is being run.

    • I am praying god the father through His son our Lord and savior Christ to give me the wisdom to lead the ministry I proposed. this is my humble request to join with me in prayer for better prospectus. God bless.

  35. Pastor shaw when you was a pastor at germantown baptist church me and james murray where your security officers. we both did the early and late services. we both escorted you in n out the service and that has been many years ago. but still to this day I think about you message. Dr. Sam you have made a impact on my life through your teachings. just wanna say thanks

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