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I began to reflect on the lessons I learned from my father, Sam Shaw Sr. Just as I received his name, I hope to receive these character qualities as well.  

1. Integrity. 

When I was in high school, I interviewed dad’s supervisor for a class assignment. After the interview, his boss told me, “As you know, many of the leaders of this company were caught in an FBI sting operation – and are in prison. Every one in this company was under scrutiny. I want you to know – your dad has the cleanest name of any man in this town.” 

Imagine how it felt to hear that. I was proud that he was my dad. I had never really thought about my dad’s character. It was a very important lesson for me. 

2. Authority

 Some parents feel that the number one goal of parenting is for their child to like them. It’s not. The goal is to lovingly parent them. Liking has little to do with it. In fact, there is much that goes with loving parenting they will not like.

I remember dad telling me that I would not permitted to drive a car full of teenagers from Oklahoma to Washington on a mission trip. I did not understand his reasoning, and I was hurt and angry. Later, my mother told me that she had surprised dad while he was praying. She overheard him saying,  “I never want to hurt that boy.” 

Dad never forgot that parenting isn’t meant to be a popularity contest. He understood the purpose of his God-given authority in our family. 

 3. Grace. 

 My Dad and Mom recently moved from their long-time home in Oklahoma to an assisted living facility in this area. That is a huge change for an 87 year old man. He is not able to drive anymore. He spends most of his days looking after my mother. 

He is managing it with poise and grace and humor.

We talked last week about when he became a Christ-follower. His testimony was clear, simple, decisive – and assuring. His hope is the grace of the Lord Jesus.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.



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