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  1. Our youth pastor showed this video in Wednesday night youth service. Knocked my socks off. Bought the CD,,,enjoying the rest of the songs. Love Jimmy Needham.

  2. I still have bookmarked the version you posted long ago… and it’s still my favorite. Thanks for sharing it in any version!

  3. I have been basking in this truth for sometime now. We must begin with the human heart and “clear the stage ” DAILY!

    Our son Carey is home from a 9mos tour in Afghanistan. Yea God! (we had a wonderful visit here with him and his family this month)
    They now have 8 kids :0)
    He the new Deputy Chaplain at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD for 3 years
    God is so faithful!!!!! ( working on manuscript #7. Roy is doing God and country speaking– busy for the King we are)
    Continuing to pray for you and Ruthe and Orchard Fellowship –daily– for Ruthe and Eloise ‘s on going healing and for Joey and his family’s safety and the flourishing of the Kingdom where they are.
    Onward for the Glory of the King!

    Blessings to you,
    Billie Cash
    Acts 17:28

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