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My friend and fellow church-planter and mentor, Steve Gallimore, from Tennessee Valley Community Church, Paris, TN,  asks the question in his blog. Here is what he says… 

Too many hearts have become rich gardens for the fruit of sin rather than pathways of righteousness.  Some of you will quit reading at this point because you’re thinking, “Bless his heart…here he goes again.”  And that is certainly your right.  

My question is this:  Is God real?  Really, really, real?  Or has He become a convenient figment of our imagination that soothes our souls in times of turmoil but has no place in our day-to-day living?

I’m burdened because our actions betray our theology.  Our daydreams are deplorable and our decisions are damnable.  We argue the true authority of Scripture by trying to decide what is possible based upon what is popular.  We’ve allowed culture to define Christianity rather than the Word of God defining both culture as well as true Christianity.  Then we go so far as to debate one another concerning how close we can get to the edge (guardrail) without going over.  How close can I get to sin without it being sin?

Case in point:  Today, there was an article describing the number one issue on the docket at a major denomination’s upcoming conference: Homosexuality and whether or not they will now ordain homosexual ministers and endorse gay marriage.  Yet the conference theme is Make Disciples of Jesus Christ to Transform the World.  How can we do that if we refuse the Word of God as the authority of God in our personal or denominational or whatever life we live?

We need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are seeking to go forward with the mandate of Jesus: Make disciples.  We need to pray that those who would seek to derail the mandate with the man-date (sorry), would repent and truly believe the Word as the only authority anyone who names the name of Christ has as rule and guide.  Just because we love everyone and desire to see all people come to know Christ, that does not superintend the Authority of Scripture.


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  1. Actually if we truly loved people with the love of Christ we would not deem sin “okay.” Sin leads to death, and death eternal. It would be like if someone had cancer, and we said the cancer was okay. We should love people by trying to save them from something that destroys mankind which is sin. The only cure is Jesus Christ, and Christ is the living Word.

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