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Hi Collin,


It is a genuine privilege to write you this weekend. You are exposing yourself to the Lord in a setting much like the great Christ-followers have done for thousands of years. 


May I share with you my prayer for you this weekend?


I pray that like Moses, you will discover a burning bush – and learn how to burn for Jesus without burning out. 


I pray that like Abraham, you will hear a promise so big that you will be challenged by it for the rest of your life.


I pray that like Joshua, you will be a warrior for God, and lead his people with courage.


I pray that like David, you will commit to prove the Lord’s power in secret battles, so that when the giant comes, you will run to take him down – because you know what God can do. 


I pray that like David, when you fail – and you will – you will humble yourself and throw yourself on the mercy of God.


I pray that like Solomon, you will seek wisdom over ease, wealth or power.


I pray that like Daniel, you will discipline yourself to seek God daily, all your life, even though it costs you.


I pray that like Jeremiah, you will pray painfully honest prayers when you don’t understand God or why following him is so hard. 


I pray that like John the Baptizer, you will not hesitate to decrease in order that Jesus increase. 


I pray that like Paul, you will be a grace-guy – all grace, all gospel, all Jesus. 


I pray that like Paul, you will fight a good fight, finish your course and keep the faith. 


I pray that like John, you will become known as the man who loves like Jesus loves. 



All this is the project of a lifetime – and I pray that this weekend, you take one more giant step toward the high calling that is before you. 


May you be filled this weekend with the Spirit of the Living God!


Pastor Sam


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