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During its hardest moments, the storms of life often seem out of control. Our fate may sometimes seem to lie in the hands of hostile people, or in the outworking of impersonal forces of one kind or another. Yet the reality is that our every experience in this world, from the apparently coincidental to the determined acts of wicked men and women, lies under the control of our sovereign God…No sinful act ever catches God by surprise or thwarts his sovereign will…For believers in Christ, each circumstance is the Lord’s means of furthering His sanctifying goals. He has not abandoned or forgotten us. On the contrary, He will walk through these trials and preserve us through them by His grace.  lain Duguid



  1. I hold tightly to the truth that God is control of all events, past present, and future. The despair that I sometimes feel, especially this time of the year is lifted by knowing that he has a purpose for all things and that it is for His glory that I hold to Him and nothing else.

    • Thanks for the note. I believe God is sovereign over all things – even down to the direction, movement and size of dust particles. Every roll of the dice, according to Proverbs, is determined by God. The fact that He is both sovereign and good gives me great comfort – especially when I don’t understand what is going on. God bless you. Merry Christmas!

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