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Is there a problem with either of the two statements quoted below?

In the movie, Cowboys and Aliens, a frontier minister states,

“whether you end up in heaven or hell is not God’s plan—it’s up to you.”

Later the preacher tells a character who isn’t sure if God exists,

“You don’t expect God to do everything for you, do you? You got to earn his presence, then you got to recognize it and act on it.”

“It was sickness, not meanness that killed him. The pathology and the neurosis of Memphis, and of this racist society in which we live, is what pulled the trigger.” Jesse Jackson (from a televised interview after Martin Luther King’s murder. Quoted in Hellhound on his Trail, by Hampton Sides, p. 190)



  1. Yes, there is.

  2. The fact that I had the same theology for so many years, sends chills down my spine.

  3. Cowboys & Aliens…that’s a problem right there!

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