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2 Chronicles 24 tells the story of Joash, one of the kings of Judah

Kevin DeYoung notes:

Joash ran the race of life like a sprinter when he should have been a marathoner. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord all the years of Jehoiada the priest (v. 2). But sadly, Joash’s piety lasted only as long as Jehoiada’s life. Joash was a good follower and a bad leader. He was passive, a people-pleaser who was easily swayed by devious flatters (v. 17). During his reign, the people abandoned the temple, worshiped idols, ignored the prophets, and killed Jehoiada’s son. Joash started his life strong, but finished poorly.

If you want to run the race strong to the end, ask yourself these four questions:

(1) “Is my faith my own?” Your parent’s faith won’t save you. Believe for yourself before you don’t believe at all.

(2) “Am I surrounded by people who will run with me to the finish line?” Joash wasn’t. You need godly running partners in the race.

(3) “Am I praying for conviction of sin?” Make this prayer weekly. It will keep you from falling away. The Lord will correct you if you ask him to.

(4) “Am I quick to recall God’s mercy and slow to remember my own triumphs?” Remember God and forget yourself and you will finish well.

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