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The World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk is the first weekend in June. It is a call to Christians everywhere to pray for the 1.2 billion vulnerable children of the world and those who minister to them.

Please join me in praying specifically for needs of children around the world.

1. Every day, 30,000 children under age 5 will die of preventable diseases such as diarrhea, measles and malnutrition.

2. AIDS has orphaned 15 million children; by 2015 there will be 40 million (UNICEF). Without parents to care for and protect them, they are at increased risk for neglect, abuse and malnutrition.

3. Every year, 1 million children are forced into the commercial sex trade to join the 10 million children already trapped in it.

4. There are 246 million children engaged in exploitative child labor (International Labor Organization).

5. Around the world, there are 150 million street children (UNICEF).

6. Alcoholism and divorce are on the increase in many world areas; children are the most vulnerable and hurt by fractured families.

7. Worldwide there are approximately 46 million abortions each year (Center for Bioethical Reform).

8. More than 674 million children live in absolute poverty (lacking resources to meet basic human needs). In sub-Saharan Africa, 65 percent of children live in absolute poverty (UN Child Poverty Report, 2003).

9. Ninety percent of casualties in armed conflict around the world are civilians, and half of these are children (UNICEF).
(Data from Nazarene Compassionate Ministries)

After you pray, ask, “what can – what could – what should – what will we do now?”


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