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I have the privilege of being friends with Jim and Cynthia Siegfried. I personally watched Jim and Cyndi walk through the dark valley of cancer, and prayed with them on the roller coaster ride of exams and reports. One word describes both through the journey: HOPE

Cynthia’s book, Cancer Journey, is the story of their lives – and the basis of their hope. It is honest, inspirational and full of encouragement.

You’ll learn…

1. God is still in the miracle business.
2. How to manage fear
3. Where to find help
4. How to take care of yourself
5. What “not” to say
6. How to help a friend in crisis
7. Where to find hope

If you order right now, not only will you be encouraged and inspired, but you will help Cynthia go to the top of Amazon.

To order, click here.


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