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Ruthe is being transferred this afternoon to Baptist Rehab in Germantown. She will be there at least 7 days. We’re told she will not be able to put weight on her leg for another 6 weeks. Then, only partial weight for another 6 weeks.

Please pay for pain relief, strength and rest. The last five years have been a long, long battle.



  1. Sam, you and Ruthie are in our prayers throughout each day. God Bless

  2. Sam,
    Please tell Ruthe, that MAddie and I are lifting her up- all the time! This has made for a special “driving time” to school in the mornings, while we pray together for Ruthe, you, Orchard, back to Ruthe, etc.
    Maddie reminds me to start praying for Ruthe, before I can say anything. Precious…! SHe hears me start, and she adds a line or two, and then back and forth… This is awesome for me, because she is taking an interest to seek the “throne” of Grace for herself, and not just on my skirtails’-
    – Love to hear a child pray to Him for others…. Yeah! Praise HIM!
    Have your way, Oh Lord!

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