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Does a Christian die any differently than a non-Christian?

Rob Moll asked a number of doctors that question in preparation for his book, The Art of Dying: Living Fully Into the Life to Come.

His answer is disturbing to me. He states…

I routinely came across doctors who observed that Christians die no differently from those without the hope of resurrection. In fact, these doctors’ Christian patients often pleaded for more treatment, explaining that if given a chance God would perform—just for them—a miracle.

Other research has shown that Christians suffer more physically and relationally painful deaths because they pursue more aggressive treatment in the hopes that God would heal them.

Of course, it is right and good to plead, as did King Hezekiah, for more life. At times God will answer yes. C. S. Lewis writes of the beautiful reprieve from cancer given to his wife and the unexpected time they spent together.

But no matter how long the reprieve, it is still “appointed unto man once to die.” As John Donne wrote four hundred years ago, “Thou enlargedst Hezekiah’s lease for fifteen years; thou renewedst Lazarus’s lease . . . but thou didst never so put out any of these fires as that thou didst not [eventually] rake up the embers, and wrap up a future mortality in that body.

Eventually, to die well and to die faithfully, we must be willing to die that we might live forever.

Given this reality, what sort of death should a Christian want, and how does one die, properly, as a Christian?

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  1. I oppose the state (directly or indirectly) involved in the dicussion of end of life matters. With that been said, I am getting older and have gotten to know God over the years as His Spirit has enlighted me to His character in scripture. It seems that I yearn more for the other side of life, not to the point of jumping in front of traffic or running through Auburn yelling Roll Tide, but I find myself just thinking how grand it must be. I have taken the steps to direct my family what to and what not to do regarding medical care.

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