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Starting Jan 1, I’m beginning a project called P4J (Partnering for Joy – a plagarizing of Tim Brister’s P4R).

The goal is to memorize the entire book of Philippians by Easter Sunday (April 24, 2011).

Why Philippians?

Simply put, I need a continual transfusion of joy, and Philippians is the pre-eminent book of joy in the Bible. It is also shorter than Revelation!

Also, there is nothing that gives a bigger pay-off in spiritual growth than scripture memory.

You say, “How can I do this?”

By doing it in community! Find partner who will meet with you regularly for the purpose of encouraging each another to internatlize God’s word. As a result,our minds and affections will be refocused on God’s work in our lives and the world.

At the Orchard, each Sunday, we’ll publish the section to be memorized the following week.

So…. find a partner, review the verses each week, share what you’ve learned, and encourage each other.

I’d love to know your method for scripture memory.

You can do this.

Let’s do it together.

Happy New Year.

Week 1 :: philippians 1:1-6
Week 2 :: philippians 1:7-11
Week 3 :: philippians 1:12-18
Week 4 :: philippians 1:19-26
Week 5 :: philippians 1:27-30
REVIEW philippians 1

Week 6 :: philippians 2:1-4
Week 7 :: philippians 2:5-11
Week 8 :: philippians 2:12-18
Week 9 :: philippians 2:19-24
Week 10 :: philippians 2:25-30
REVIEW philippians 1 & 2

Week 11 :: philippians 3:1-6
Week 12 :: philippians 3:7-14
Week 13 :: philippians 3:15-21
REVIEW philippians 1, 2, &3

Week 14 :: philippians 4:1-7
Week 15 :: philippians 4:8-13
Week 16 :: philippians 4:14-23
REVIEW philippians all


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