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Ruthe and I have looked at over 50 houses. We made four offers on houses. All four offers collapsed. in two situations, someone else made better offers at the same time (We lost a great deal on a house by $2000!) On two houses, the owners refused to lower inflated prices or even pay any of the closing costs.

It has been a roller-coaster! I’ve been angry, depressed, confused.

This morning, I came across the wise words of Peter Kreeft:

Galaxies revolve and dinosaurs breed and rain falls and people fall in love and uncles smoke cheap cigars and people lose their jobs and we all die —

All for our good, the finished product, God’s work of art, the Kingdom of Heaven.

There’s nothing outside heaven except hell. Earth is not outside heaven. It is heaven’s workshop, heaven’s womb.

Peter Kreeft, Heaven, the Heart’s Deepest Longing

It was a good reminder of God’s sovereignty at work for our good.

HIs sovereignty means He is in absolute control and is giving direction to all things – from mountain-moving earthquakes to the fall of a single sparrow, from the construction of heaven to the traffic jams of Christmas shoppers, from painful cancer to the advances of science.

Not only is he sovereign over all things, but he promises to work out all things for our good.


God uses all things to change us for the better.

Daily experiences – the frustration of house-hunting, marriage and children, responsibilities and opportunities, interruptions and problems and misunderstandings – all are the tools God uses. All are the chisels the Master Sculptor uses to shape the block of marble that we are into something extraordinary.

This means – many of the frustrations of life are really tests. How will I respond to what has happened? Will I keep on keeping on (with a good attitude) because I trust God?

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to frequently ask…

What is God doing in my life?

How is He using the stuff of ordinary life to change me, challenge me, transform me?

What choices can I make that will cooperate with his work?

PS. We made an offer on a house yesterday – and it was accepted – Praise Jesus!


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