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Today, I turned 59.

Someone once observed that, in order to be happy, one has to have someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.

1. I have someone to love:

I had three meals today with my wife of 37 years – more beautiful and precious than ever. I had breakfast with a son, dinner with a daughter, son-in-law and funny granddaughter. I had phone calls from another son, another daughter. I had a phone call from my aged parents. I heard from dozens of friends via Facebook. I got to spend part of the day in a staff retreat with four gifted and passionate young people – the staff at the Orchard Fellowship. More than anything, my Savior. As my ministry model, Charles Spurgeon once said, “The Lord and me, we are quite fond of each other.”

2. I have something to do

I lead an incredible group of high-capacity people known as the Orchard Fellowship. I am privileged to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ – and people actually come to hear me! I am called “pastor,” a high honor.

Saturday morning, I’ll join my two daughters in running the St. Jude’s Half-Marathon. For the last 6 months, I’ve been preparing for this – and think I’m ready.

Today, we put an offer down on a house. We’re finally going to be able to plant ourselves in the eastern suburbs of Memphis.

Finally, I am privileged to mentor/encourage a number of young Christian leaders

3. I have something to look forward to

The next weekend, Christmas, 2011, the growth of the Orchard, the transformation of the Mid-south, the advance of the gospel, planting other churches, sending our first missionaries, my first book, the second and third book, travel for the sake of the gospel, great-grandchildren, sufficiency of the grace of God, revival – and in God’s own time – an Abundant Entrance.

I am, of all men, most blessed.


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