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The saber-rattling of North and South Korea has many people nervous. Tensions between the two countries has become so great that President Obama was awakened at 4:00AM with the news of the rising tension between the two countries. US Naval ships are enroute to the area in support of South Korea. Newspapers are filled with potential players should hostilities escalate: The US, China, Venezuela, Russia, Iran….

Of course, Christians pray for peace. But perhaps the following video will guide our prayers. It is the testimony of an 18 year old North Korean girl, given at the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization last month in Cape Town, South Africa. Watch until the end. The man who comes on stage is a South Korean pastor.

This is fruit worth living for – and dying for. Her story has inspired my own thanksgiving – and convicted me greatly.



  1. oh my!

  2. What a testimony!!!
    May God grant favor and strength to those who go to North Korea.
    Full JOY! No FEAR! Much courage and Love!
    May he remind us often to earnestly pray for our hidden brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus around the world. May the church do all we can to support their efforts to reach North Korea.

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