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One of the exciting aspects of a new church is the series of “firsts” – first service, first month, first staff hire, first ministry, first members – and first baptisms.

Last Sunday, we had our first baptisms – 10!

A 75 year old woman was baptized. Several children, several young adults, teenagers, moms, a fiancee.

Each testified to the reason they were being baptized. They were clear about Jesus and faith in him.

It was one of the most encouraging hours I’ve experienced in some time – to witness the power of the gospel in the lives of ten individuals.

Sunday night, we experienced our first Thanksgiving Feast. The food was great, the fellowship was rich, the stories of gratitude were amazing.

After the Feast, we were able to take the food that remained to Calvary Rescue Mission, where 60 men had a Thanksgiving meal.

It was a joyful, wonderful, Christ-honoring day.

Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift!


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  1. Pastor Sam!!

    How brilliant is this? “10” Great report. We baptised five ourselves this past Sunday PRAISE GOD!! As you know this is unheard of in Merry Ole England! We are so looking forward to being with you in January. I will call you soon. All because of Jesus!


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