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In 2009, my heart began to be stirred and my mind gripped with a vision – to plant a church in the suburbs of Memphis.

My questions were many…

Is 58 too old to plant a church?

Would I be received or opposed?

Is this God’s leading or my mid-life restlessness?

Would anyone follow me? Would anyone stay after the first visit?

What if it fails? What then?

How will Ruthe and I survive financially?

Can we sell our house in this market?

On April 15, we left Hope Church in Tupelo to launch the Orchard Fellowship in the Germantown/Collierville/Cordova/Olive Branch area. What a ride it has been so far!!

One of the major hurtles was the sale of our house in Tupelo. We prayed daily – sometimes many times a day. Others prayed. The Core of the church prayed. We worked – spending significant dollars to upgrade and repair every little thing we could find. Our agent, Brenda Spencer, worked tirelessly to market the house.

We had 2 failed contracts, and one possible failure.

By the grace of God, on Oct 22, we walked away from an attorney’s desk, leaving keys and holding a check. Did we get out of the house what we hoped? Of course not – but we did get more than we deserve.

Ruthe and I want to thank everyone who prayed for the sale of our house.

PS. Our “stuff is in storage in Tupelo, waiting the location and purchase of a home in the area of the church. Thanks for praying for the house where we can make a home and neighborhood where we can be a blessing. Mil Gracias!



  1. Yay!!! So amazing how He answers our prayers and the even the specifics of them:)

    • “even the”, not “the even”, sorry!

  2. I am in a similar situation right now–My in-law’s house that I am helping them sell has been on the market for 9 months. I have faith that God is just waiting for the right buyer! Nice to have confirmation of something I knew…..

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