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That is the headline in the Tulsa World this morning. It’s a major article about local orchards and the best time to visit an orchard and find a harvest.

What is true in Northeast Oklahoma is also true in the Mid-south.

I know it’s still hot (100 degrees in Memphis on Sept 20!), but by faith, we say with the writer, “Autumn is on the way,” and now is a great time to visit The Orchard and find a spiritual harvest.

If you are not engaged in a local church, and you live in the Memphis are, I invite you to worship with us at the Orchard Fellowship.

This coming Sunday, we’ll be in the first chapter of Revelation and talking about “Who Is In Charge?” It is a great time to visit!

10:45am, Sunday morning, St. George’s Independent School on Poplar, Germantown, TN.

Kim, one of the worship team, recently found this rendering of Isaiah 33:15-17 in the Contemporary English Version (CEV).

I love it!

When the Spirit is given to us from heaven…

Deserts will become orchards thick as fertile forests.

Honesty and justice will prosper there, and justice will produce lasting peace and security.”

Isaiah 33:15-17 (CEV)

Amen, may it be so in the desert we love and live in.


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