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This is a very popular prophecy chart of the book of Revelation from a few years ago.

Honestly, does it help you know more about Revelation, the coming of Christ and the end of the world?

Well, what does Revelation teach?

Why study it, when it has spawned so much controversy?

It seems like science fiction. Is it?

Does the Bible mention Islam? The World Trade Center bombing? The recession? Are these events and movements signs of the end?

Who can make heads or tails of this stuff?

This Sunday, we’ll begin the book of Revelation at the Orchard Fellowship. I’ve never taught through the book, so it’s all fresh.

And – I’m so encouraged by it.

I hope to see you Sunday, 10:45am, St. George’s Independent School, on Poplar, in Germantown.


One Comment

  1. Sure would like to get a copy of this chart. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in my 59 years of ministry. I do think the beheaded saints raptured out of the middle of the tribulation (Revelation 15:1- 5) should be included on the chart. These were apparently left behind at the time of the rapture, (a misnomer, of the Greek word, harpazo). There will be an awakening of many of the Laodicean apostates after the Lord’s return and will be beheaded for their witness and will be beheaded (a muslim practice) becoming martyrs. They will be brought out just before the marriage feast of the Lamb to be included in that great event. I have just finished a 300 page book on prophecy and the coming of Christ. Like you, when I started I resolved not to follow other teachers but make my conclusions as Biblio-centric as possible. I had to reject the traditional teaching such as John’s ascension being a type of the rapture of the church. BUT, in using only scripture to arrive at my conclusions, in the end I had not really departed from the basic prophetic fundamentals of the traditional teaching. I never did accept John’s ascension as being a type of the church for several reasons. Also, please consider that there is an alarmingly clear description of the rapture in chapter 6 when there is described a spacequake corresponding to several scriptures and in particular Matthew 24 and in Peter’s epistle of what seems to be a confrontation between the earth and an asteroidal belt disturbance that will wreak havoc on earth at the very time of Christ’s return in the heavens. Then in chapter 7 after the sealing of the 144,000 it picks up the throne and multitude no man could number from all the nations. Most prophetic teachers not knowing what to do with the multitude and not able to identify them relegate the scene to a future event. Sorry, though I do believe there are parenthesis explanations between events in Revelation, I believe the book’s format is a sequence of events. That is a rule I decided to respect when possible and explaining it literally when possible. After spending years studying this book it is still a mystery in so many ways and still a book with unfathomable depth of revelation truth. I love it and how it challenges me every time I read it. Your chart is simply the best I have seen and very quick and easy to understand. I am 84 next month with a wonderful missionary life behind me going to the “hard places” for 42 years. Now I am pioneering my third church. Bill Burkett

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