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This morning, the Orchard Fellowship was launched. St. George’s was filled and chairs were brought in. The preschool overflowed, the Core Team worked like crazy, we had only a few parking spaces vacant (with many of us parking on the street), dozens of donuts were consumed.

Here are some unsolicited comments:

Mike – “there was a really sweet spirit this morning.”

Jonathan – “I began to weep with the sense of God’s presence before I even sat down.”

Steve – “When I saw where you were going in the message, I could not contain the tears.”

Heather – “This is my friend. She’s from the Sudan.”

Judy – “This is what we’ve prayed for – for years.”

John – “We have found a church home!”

Randy – “Sam, we had 9 people indicate they had prayed to receive Christ.”

Nolan – “So when do we begin two services?”

Timmy – “Can I have another donut?”

It was exciting – but more important, Jesus was worshipped, honored and enjoyed.

Next week at the Orchard Fellowship – We begin the book of Revelation!



  1. … wonderful service this morning; so glad we could make it – at last! Great job; see you next Sunday.

  2. Brother – it was an honor to be a part this morning. Fantastic in every way. I am praising God that you, Jason, and The Orchard are in Memphis.

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