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It happened over a thirty-six hour period!

1. Friday night, Ruthe and I were at the home of our oldest daughter, Sarah, in Cabot, Arkansas. We watched “Marley and Me” with our grandchildren. When Marley dies at the end of the movie, all the grandchildren cried. Ruthe and I teared up.

Saturday morning, their 10 year old dachhound was run over. Unbelievable timing. Our 7 year old grandson asked his other grandfather a dozen questions: “is Harley in heaven? Will he come with Jesus at the second coming? How close to the Throne is Harley?” His grandfather said he would prefer to face a hostile Sunday School class than answer more questions from his grandson!

2. Our second daughter, Corrie, and her husband woke up Saturday morning to find their sewer line had caved in. Because the line runs from their house to the street, it is their responsibility to repair. Cost of digging a new line: $7000, and a day without water. Sunday afternoon, in the middle of ditch-digging – it rained and all work stopped.

3. Friday night, our youngest son, Charlie, participated in a laid-back bachelor party for a close friend. One of the guests, another friend, became very drunk, very profane and violent. At 3:00am, Charlie drove the guy back to Memphis. On the highway, the guy tried to jump out of the car! Later, the young man had no memory of ruining the party.

4. Friday, our older son, Joey, discovered a deer was caught in their back fence. He called for help, and the local game warden came out, pulled his pistol, killed the deer, and left. He told our son it was the homeowner’s responsibility to dispose of the deer. What do you do with a dead, diseased deer when you live in the city? One leg had to be cut off in order to remove it from the fence. By the afternoon, vultures were circling the sidewalk where the carcass lay. Animal control finally picked it up.

5. Early Sunday morning, I got a phone call that both my elderly father and mother were in the hospital in Tulsa, OK, with possible stroke and heart attack. The evening, our last preview service was planned! I headed to Tulsa early Monday morning and was called 100 miles from Memphis. “The hospital is releasing them both – they are ok.”

So, in 36 hours…

*A beloved family dog dies – after watching Marley and me.

*The sewer caves in, with costly repairs.

*A friend gets drunk, ruins a party and when he has to be driven home, he tries to jump out of the speeding car.

*A deer is shot and left to be disposed of – in the middle of the city.

*Two elderly parents are taken by ambulance to the hospital.

*Our last preview service is held.

If I did not believe in the sovereignty of God, I think I would stay home and suck my thumb!



  1. Okay, you win. I was feeling sorry for myself thinking about how bad my day was (and fyi, it WAS an awful day), but your bad stretch reminds me that things could be LOTS worse. So glad to hear your parents were released from the hospital. Maddie prayed a sweet prayer for them last night at bedtime!

  2. So other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

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