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If I preach about gay marriage, everybody cheers. If I preach about sin you can hear the amens ring. But those aren’t the real problems. I tell people that the biggest sin in our church is you sitting there doing nothing and still calling yourself a follower of Jesus….

The elephant in the evangelical room is that we’re not making disciples. People are still struggling through how to do that. We studied 2,500 Protestant church attendees and did so again a year later and the spiritual development was shocking and frustrating.

Ed Stetzer.



  1. Discipleship is HARD! We don’t like hard. We want to get something will instantly and conveniently plug the hole. After talking to editors, publishers, other pastors and ministers, etc. it has become apparent that there is absolutely no resource available that meets the needs of making disciples (i.e. taking people wherever they are – from those without the Savior to those who have walked with Him for years – and equipping them until they are mature followers of Christ capable of and active in replicating the discipleship process) except the Bible. There are many good studies, programs, etc. but none that fit everyone. That means I have to be the kind of disciple I want others to be. It has to be a lifetime obsession.

  2. oops! “…something that will instantly…”

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