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A gigantic new clock has been built in Mecca -and 1.5 billion Muslims could soon be setting their watches by it

It starts ticking on Thursday, the beginning of Ramadan. The clock’s four faces are 151ft in diameter and will be illuminated by 2million LED lights along with huge Arabic script reading: “In the name of Allah”. The clock will run on Arabia Standard Time which is three hours ahead of GMT.

When a glittering spire is added, topped with a crescent, the tower will stand at nearly 2,000 ft, making it the world’s second tallest building.

The clock of Big Ben (on the left in the picture above), by comparison, is just 23ft in diameter, while its tower stands at a mere 316ft.

Muslims in Mecca will be reminded that it is time to pray when 21,000 green and white lights, at a distance of 18 miles, flash five times a day.

Islamic scholars hope Mecca to eclipse the Greenwich Observatory as the “true center of the earth.”


Consider these facts:

*Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting. Muslims believe it was this time of year that Allah revealed the first verses of the Qur’an to his Prophet Mohammed.

*Ramadan is about forgiveness, remission of sins. Muslims abstain from food, drink, and sex from sunrise to sunset in hopes of purifying themselves and earning reward from God.

*The UN states that Europe will be 55% Muslim by 2040.

*9 of the 10 least-reached mega peoples are Muslim.

*Of the 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, probably only one third know any Christians at all.

*Today, for every Christian worker in the Middle East and N. Africa, there are at least 500,000 lost looking to Islam to save them.

*In 2002, key Christian leaders in the Arabian Peninsula (AP) asked the Lord, “How can we reach the 50+ million … ?” The Lord said, “Pray!”

Join millions of Christians around the world who are participating in praying for ihe Muslim world.

You can find great resources to pray (and download this year’s prayer booklet) online at


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