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Last night, we held the fourth preview worship service of the Orchard Fellowship.

Of course, a church is far more than a worship event. A church is a family, a movement, an army on mission. But first and foremost, a church is the faith community of people who love and follow Jesus.

Throughout the summer, we are gathering twice a month to worship, pray, and grow together.

The Germantown Performing Arts Center was a wonderful location…

The volunteers on the ministry teams were tremendous in attitude and attention to serving…

The spirit of the night was warm and expectant (one of those visiting for the first time told me he had not seen joy like this in a long time)…

The sense of God’s presence was palpable. I heard expressions of spiritual hunger, desire for more of God, offers of assistance.

The next time we meet will be July 25, at 6:00pm, at the GPAC.

Until then, I’d love to meet with you at one of the several interest meetings in homes. Watch here for more details.

Or – if you’d like to meet for coffee and conversation, email me (


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