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I love being a Dad – and yesterday was a special day for me in so many ways.

I heard, “I love you,” from the most important people in my life – my wife, all four of my adult married children, and my father and mother.

I had lunch with two of my children and their spouses, and one of my grandchildren. It was beautiful

My children gave me gifts that made me feel special – notes, cards, gift certificates (all personalized to my peculiar tastes).

Yesterday morning, I received a phone call that my own father was on his way to the hospital in Tulsa by ambulance: an apparent heart attack. I was blessed beyond measure to be able to tell him – at least one more Father’s Day – that I love him. I’m praying for his recovery and will know the prognosis this week.

My friend, David Foster, writes for fathers who did not get the blessing yesterday.

But what about those fathers out there for whom Father’s Day was just another miserable holiday to get through? There are two kinds: One, there is a father out there who got no presents, dinners, or cards because, let’s face it, you’ve been a jerk. Ok, I love you but you’re a jerk. You have not taken the lead, you’ve not been a man-up man, you have betrayed the trust of your family more than once, and you know that you deserve to be neglected.

That having been said, it still doesn’t make it right, brother. And there’s still hope. Here’s what I’ve earned over the years. My biggest regret is the pain I’ve caused my wife and my children in pursuit of my “thing.” My desire to be successful and king of the hill has caused me to neglect them more times than I can count. And yet, my family wants to love me if I give them half a chance. Your family wants to love you too. You can come back. You can overcome your past. You can be the husband and the father of their dreams. You can have Father’s Days that are more like Christmas morning than Halloween night.

Then there’s the other kind of father out there who’s just simply unappreciated. And I’m sorry that your wife doesn’t “do celebrations.” I’m sorry your children didn’t call, or text, or make any effort. You’ve been faithful, you’ve been generous and giving. You’ve been a man-up man. And yet, still, the kind of love you so desperately seek hasn’t come your way.

Here’s my advice: don’t give up. Keep giving. Keep pouring out. Keep living with a full heart and an open hand. Good things will come your way. I truly believe the Scriptures when it says that he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Generosity begets generosity.

Don’t give up, don’t be weary, keep doing your thing, and you will find your breakthrough.


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  1. Praying for your Dad, and for that Tupelo house to sell SOON!!!

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