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Two months ago, we put our house up for sale. It has been our “home” for the last few years – the place where our family gathered and several friends lived with us, where our small groups met, and Ruthe and I relaxed.

For the last two months, we have lived away from our “home” in Tupelo. We have made a number of trips back “home” for cleaning, occasional repairs, lawnwork, paying of bills, but we have not lived at “home” for two months.

We have not been homeless. Through the gracious generosity of new friends in the Memphis area, we have been given a furnished apartment in which to live – and even, when needed, an additional vehicle to drive. Several other homes have been opened to us, should there be a need. For all of this, we are very, very grateful!

All this has me thinking about community.

Americans don’t do relationships very well. We are the “rugged individualists.” We are trained to look out for “number one.”

Men don’t do relationships very well. Not only do we not share our hurts or our feelings – we don’t “share.”

Many Christians have been hurt by others, and “once hurt, twice smart.” Relationships are messy, and we still fight the selfishness of the flesh in us.

Yet – we want community. At least – I do. Life is too short to do it alone! I don’t intend to plant, lead, guide, the Orchard alone.

So – here’s the truth – Ruthe and I miss our friends in Mississippi. And we thank God for the new friends and former friends we are connecting with almost every day.

Community is at the heart of the life of a Christ-follower – and will be at the heart of the Orchard Fellowship.

Hopefully, we’ll sell our house in Tupelo — soon.

Ruthe will have her nest. We’ll be starting small groups in a few weeks.

We’ll be home soon.


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  1. Sam – so glad you guys have a good place to stay in Memphis until the house sells. Knew I hadn’t seen you around much. Been tempted to sneak into your pool (just kidding!). Praying your house will sell quickly now that Toyota is finally gearing up. We women need our “nests” and I’m sure Ruthe is anxious to have her own things around her. Charlie’s wedding looks wonderful. I’m so glad you guys are where you can enjoy seeing your children and grandchildren more frequently and am thrilled for you in the way God is blessing TOF. Also rejoicing over sweet Eloise’s progress. May God continue to pour His richest blessings upon you and fill you with a passion for Him that is unrivaled by any other!

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