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She’s a heart-breaker! At least, she is to me.

On Tues, June 15, our miracle granddaughter, Eloise, turned 4 years old. She is so excited to be four – Somehow it is the “magical ” age to her.

When I called her, she said – machine-gun style-

“papa, guess what, i’m 4, today is my birthday, happy birthday to me, wanna hear what i got? I got a credit card (gift card to Target) papa! I’m 4. When you coming to see me? today is my birthday. sing happy birthday to me. I’m 4, and i’m eating skittles and …..”


Sarah, her mother, writes…

After a visit to the cardiologist we learned that her heart functions are great and all the new “re-plumbing” of arteries are working perfectly.

She is still higher risk for fluid build-up in her lungs so they have her on a VERY strict food and fluid restrictive diet.

We do not know how long that will last. She is not allowed fat or sodium in her diet; so instead of cake and ice cream for her birthday we had Skittles!!!!

She was as happy as ever!!!

To all who prayed for her – words are inadequate to express my gratitude. But please hear a heart-felt thanks from Ruthe and me.



  1. What a doll Eloise is!
    Perhaps if I had Skittles for my birthdays instead of cake and ice cream I would be less of a man…about 50 pounds less.
    I need to send a couple of files to you to give to that heartbreaker’s parents because they will need them sooner than they think.

  2. God is so good! The report is wonderful news. We will continue to pray for Eloise.

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