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Q. So what is a church supposed to do?

A. According to Jesus, the church is to make disciples – followers who love God, love each other, embody and communicate the gospel, serve the poor, live holy lives, know their Bibles, etc.

Q. How can a church know if it is being effective in making disciples?

A. Churches are sometimes criticized for using metrics such as attendance and giving. The reality is – we count people and money because people and money are important. However, there are intangibles that are more difficult to measure but are better indicators of discipleship: ability to deal with anger, lust, pride, honesty, truth-telling, identification and dismantling of idols, the amount of joy and contentment in our lives.

Q. How do people grow spiritually?

A. I believe it takes four spiritual tools to grow: (1) teaching that stretches us, (2) relationships of love and trust, (3) experiences where you are out of your comfort zone and are forced to trust God and (4) suffering. I’ve never heard anyone talk about growing significantly during a time of ease and comfort, but I’ve heard hundreds of testimonies of growth during adversity and challenge.

Q. How will the Orchard help people grow in discipleship?

A. First, we are based in the gospel and will not depart from the gospel. It is the A to Z for us. Second, we’ll utilize the four tools of growth through our four basic practices: Worship, Community Groups, Equipping Classes, Missional Efforts, (both local, national and international).

Q. When is the next preview service?

A. Glad you asked! This coming Sunday night, June 13, 6:00, at the Church at Schilling Farms, 1035 Winchester, Collierville, TN. See you there!


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