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Someone defined evangelism as “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”

While that does not say it all, it does picture a lot of truth…

God set his heart on us, found us in our filth and hunger, and not only gave us bread, but gave us a new life. He cleaned us up – inside and out – gave us a new name, adopted us into his own family, made us heirs of his own fortune, and sends us back out into the same streets we came from with the message of hope – for beggars, just like we were.

That’s the good news of the Orchard. And – it is for all beggars!

Please take the challenge to invite someone every day between now and Sunday. And then, pray like crazy between now until then.

The Orchard Fellowship meets for our second preview service…

This coming Sunday night, June 13, 6:00…

At the Church at Schilling Farms,

1035 Winchester,

Collierville, TN.

Preschool (the Grove – not to be confused with Ole Miss) and Children’s Ministry provided with excellence.


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