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From Sarah

Today we had a much better day. Every 4 hrs they continue to drainfluid from eloise’s chest. Each time they drain her oxygen saturation increases and her energy level gets stronger. They were able to remove her off the oxygen later afternoon. They have drained over a total 1200+ ml/cc so far. We found out today at Eloise will be on a VERY strict food and fluid restrictive diet for a while at home. As you can see, this evening Eloise got to make her mommy and Naini playdough spaghetti



  1. Praise the Lord for Eloise’s ongoing recovering. Praying thanksgiving for answered prayers and continued healing!

  2. I was in an emotional dump from concern for Eloise (and Sarah). Now, the joy of seeing those pictures (including Ruthe) and reading the update has blown that heaviness a million miles away!

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