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Thank you, thank you for praying.

Eloise is out of surgery. She was in real trouble.

They successfuly drained 1/2 liter of fluid, with much more to go. Now we aspirate the drain every 2-4 hrs and load her up on the diuretics. They are going to really moniter her fluid restriction.

Have you ever told a 4 yr old she can’t have anything to drink?

Thank you again for praying! She is not out of the woods yet, but we are seeing God at work, as He answers our prayers.



  1. I am constantly humbled by the way Eloise’s parents handle all of this with such faith. Praise God for them!

  2. Praying in your corner, my friend!

  3. A lot of folks in Tulsa are praying for Eloise.

    My heart goes out to Sarah, Clayton and the boys. You and Ruthe, too.

    See you soon. Love, Susan

  4. You are in my prayers. God is at work and we will be positive and believe in His grace and healing powers. Dr. Judie Ross

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