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From Sarah:

After talking to Cardiology over the weekend the thought of fluid compressing her lungs is true. She has one of the worst plural effusion post-opperative the doctor has seen. The cardiologist is admitting her and prepping for surgery. They will place a drain on her right side between her lungs and heart to drain the fluid. The combination of this drain an increased diuretics should eliminate the fluid build up. We will be at Arkansas Children’s for another week. Please pray.



    • Steve and Jeanne Hamilton
    • Posted May 31, 2010 at 6:54 pm
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    We wanted to let you know that the Hamilton’s are praying for Eloise and family. We are also passing this on so others know to pray. Keep us posted.

    Steve and Jeanne

  1. What a beautiful little princess precious Eloise is. We are so sorry that you guys and especial she is having to go through such a difficult time right now. We have been and will continue to be praying with you, even as I write this. We love you guys and know that God is in control and will heal and bless Eloise. We pray a special prayer for each doctor, surgeon, nurse and care-giver also. May the grace, comfort, and peace of God Almighty be yours. May He show Himself mightier than ever in Eloise’s life, and may He show Himself closer than ever to each of you.
    We stand with you believing,
    With much love,
    Rockie and Bubba

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