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It was hard to know what to label this photo – I almost entitled it, “what a wonderful world.”

And – wonder of wonders – Eloise smiled at me. Later this morning, she drank a strawberry-banana smoothie – then threw it all up – including the smile.

It’s three steps forward, two steps backward.

In order to get out of CVICU, her potassium levels need to be normal. Her sodium levels need to be higher. She needs to be off the pacemaker. She needs to start Coumadin – a blood-thinner. And, she needs to be able to keep down fluids and solids.

Prayer request?

Beyond the obvious… I would appreciate it if you would ask the Father to grant Sarah and Clayton an extra measure of strength, joy and perseverance. The CVICU is a tough place to try to sleep.

By the way, there is a continual stream of friends from church and the community (the boy’s ball teams) who are coming by, bringing food, providing rides, and doing whatever they can. Friends are one of the greatest gifts we have!


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  1. What a sight!!! Love to Sarah and Clayton. Glad to read the reports. Eloise will be another Shaw force for Christ!

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