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From Sarah…

We got up at 10 pm and did about a 20 feet lap of walking. Getting her unhooked and then rehooked up to portable everything was the most exhausting part. She liked getting yellow(lello) as she says it, scrub pajamas. She did FANTASTIC!!!

We whined a little, and she was very weak but did it. As I had originally thought, we were able to bribe her with mommy holding her to get her to walk.

What a great feat for her and rewarding moment for me.

God is good!!!



  1. I like those lello scrubs. Yes…God is good. All the time.

  2. Oh my goodness… How did Sam ever get a granddaughter that beautiful?

    Oh yeah… her mommy and grandma Ruthe!

    still praying…

  3. Good job Sarah.

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