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Tomorrow, my granddaughter Eloise – all of 3 1/2 years old – will undergo open-heart surgery in Little Rock Children’s Hospital. This will be her fourth. Hopefully, it will be her last, until a possible transplant when she is a teenager.

She was born without her left ventricle – and life has been a battle – for her and her parents.

The Father has raised up an army of intercessors around the world to plead for her.

And the Father has been so good!

Tomorrow, at 7:00 (CST), I ask you to go to your knees again.

I’ll blog throughout the day as we learn of her progress. We anticipate a 10 hour surgery.

Our hope is in the One who scattered the stars and then named them; the One who set His glory in every atom of every molecule in existence; the One who did not even withhold his own darling Son but gave him up for us all, and then raised Him from the grave.

As a faith-stimulator, enjoy this celebration of resurrection from Budapest, home of my favorite Sunday-to-Sunday preacher and good buddy, Ronnie Stevens.


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  1. Sending special prayers and healing thoughts for your precious little granddaughter and the entire Shaw family.

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