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This Sunday night…

We’ll sing songs of praise and adoration to our great God and Savior. Jason has prepared some great music.

We’ll greet one another – I guarantee you – there will be people you won’t know but will really enjoy getting to know!

We’ll hear a testimony of God’s amazing grace. Few things stir me like the story of someone who shares about the power of God in his life.

We’ll dig into God’s Word together. It’s been a few weeks since I preached, so my heart is very full. God has confirmed the decision to launch the Orchard in so many ways, and I look forward to sharing some of these in the context of the message.

We’ll give to God’s work. Without apology, we’ll challenge each other to invest in God-initiated ministry of the Orchard.

In other words, we’ll worship Sunday night.

The good Lord willing, it will be the first of many, many, many worship services of the Orchard Fellowship.

Oh, by the way, I’d love to hear your questions, ideas, comments about Sunday night. After all – it is a preview service. Help us evaluate and make things better.

But whatever we do – let’s focus on Jesus Sunday night – Jesus – who has done so much for us – and continues to do so much for us.


One Comment

  1. Pastor Sam,

    My wife, children, and I were blessed to call you pastor during our all too brief stay in Memphis a few years back. My work has led us back to Illinois but we still think of you and pray for you. I’m excited for your new adventure, wishing we could come along on the journey, but confident God has great things in store.

    Bon voyage.


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