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We were packed in like…. well, you understand.

Last Sunday night, 63 of us filled the Morgan home – no, it would be more accurate to say the Spirit of God filled the Morgan home – and us – as we met to worship, pray, share, dream and enlist in the vision of THE ORCHARD FELLOWSHIP.

Some highlights:

1. We clarified that we are not about “casual or laid-back worship.” We are about passionate, wholehearted, going-hard-after-God worship.

2. We prayed for those in the group with needs – a mom raising little children and fighting cancer, a single mom struggling with the challenges inherent in grief and aloneness, a breadwinner who has lost his job, a wife who faces the threat of cancer, a wife who lives with pain. The home was abuzz with prayer – the sound was sweet, the tears flowed – we had church!

3. We dreamed of a church marked by...

intentional outreach, bold risk-taking, a spirit of grace, contagious joy, spiritual depth, believing prayer, spiritual power, humble leadership, life-transforming teaching, racial diversity, radical generosity, and mobilization of its best people to the nations.

We began to ask, “what kind of church produces people like this? What kind of church develops people who are so Christ-like that the city around them has no other choice but to call them “Christians?”

So…. where will the first Preview service take place?

We hope to be able to announce that at the end of the this week.


We know.

We just can’t say.


But we will.

We promise.

And you’ll love it.

(We hope)



  1. Oh Pastor Sam! There are so many of us who wish we could be a part of this new adventure! Know that our prayers are with you and we so look forward to hearing of how this church will be used by God to build His kingdom. How exciting!

  2. Que Dios los bendiga en esta gran mision! Va a ser una gran bendicion para el area de Memphis.

    • Espero que tu oracion se haga realidad y que el Senor se glorie en guiarnos. Gracias, hermano, por tu nota. Que el Senor continue bendiciendote. Sam Shaw

  3. “Y sabemos que todas las cosas ayudan a bien a los que aman a Dios, a los que son llamados conforme a su propósito”. Romanos 8:28.

    Sólo para ayudar a ponerse al día, ha habido algunos cambios desde que estás aquí por última vez. Por ejemplo: Iphones han sustituido a los iPods, Facebook ha sustituido a yahoo, Islandia se ha convertido en Volcán Tierra … e invadió Europa, y traductor Google está haciendo un buen intento de traducción de mi puesto, pero, como se puede ver, mucho se pierde en la traducción!

    . . . Bienvenido de nuevo!

  4. Hey Sam! Got to reading your blog because of a post on William Carey. I like it! Felt like the Lord was saying, “Go back and talk with him.” Take a look at my blog ministry (, and if you’re interested let’s share stories.

    Christ’s blessings, brother!

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