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I want to invite you to an informational meeting about the Orchard Fellowship.

We will meet this Sunday, April 18th, at 6:00pm, in the home of….

Jay and Kris Morgan,
2375 Logwood Briar Cove
Collierville, TN 38017

Ruthe and I want to hear what is on your heart – what kind of church do you think Memphis needs? What dream has God planted in your heart?

Also, I want to share the vision God has planted in my heart for the Orchard Fellowship. Let’s see how things might mesh.

Come as you are with comments, suggestions or just to listen and pray with us.

Let Jay and Kris know if you plan to join us by emailing them at Or, give them a call if you have any questions (901 850-2133).

By the way, Jay and Kris say, “no need to RSVP. You can pray about it and come at the last minute. It will be a great time together.”

I hope to see many of you there!



  1. I only wish we had known before today we would have been there! Can’t wait to get more information on the date of the next Bible Study!!!!

  2. Pastor Sam my husband Pete & I would love to know more about this new ministry. I just know read about the meeting last night. Sorry we didn’t hear about this sooner. We would love to hear more.

    • Wanda, Thanks for the note. We had an awesome time on Sunday night – 63 strong, filling a house – no, the Spirit was filling us and filling the house. Hopefully, we’ll have a location nailed down for next Sunday night. check out my blog tomorrow – I’d love to share more with you. sam

  3. I hope this is about the Kingdom and not a franchise or a brand. I’d love to be at the next meeting.

  4. My family misses Brother Sam. Please tell me when services will start at Orchacd church. thank you.

    • We will have a preview service this coming Sunday night in Collierville at 6:00. In August, we will begin weekly services. Thanks for asking.

  5. Your sermon last sunday nite(jun13th)was intriguing and hopefully I’ll be there for your answer in 2 weeks. Keep up the good work!
    I believe that Christians today do not seek the presence of God because they do not know how and are ignorant of the practice of the presece of God. I have just finished reading brother Laurence’s book for the 3rd tme and am trying my best pray to and recall Jesus with me many times during the day. I’m not going to give up but it’s taking alot of determination not to give up. It takes time and alot of effort.
    Once I received these words which I believe were from the Lord: ” praying is like one of your vital signs. If you are not praying, then you are not living, but just aging”.
    I don’t think christians areaware of the many blessings they are missing by not having a close relationship with God. It’s like there are blessings in many closets along the path of your day. These closets are never opened or perhaps only a few are opened because we are ignoring God and not even bothering to think of Him except maybe at the end of the day-if then. Some, I think, expect God to love them but don’t realize love isa two-way street. Anyway, I know I have miles to go but I’m trying and know there are many blessings I’ve missed, but God is helping me to grow. What a Father we have!!!
    Pat Norris

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