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Yesterday – my last Sunday at Hope Church of Tupelo.

It was a joy to lead a mid-40’s year old Catholic woman and 8 year old girl to saving faith in Christ.

It was sad to say goodbye to dreams and plans for Hope that I will not be able to lead.

It was a joy to be thanked with words and expressions of appreciation.

It was sad to say goodbye to dear friends I love and admire.

The best gift I could leave with the saints of Hope Church is the following…



  1. It was an awesome weekend at Hope Church. Was wonderful experiencing The Holy Spirit move in so many lives. Yes; bitter sweet with you and Ruthie leaving but knowing God will use it for Good for you two and also for us at Hope. That’s His promise; to those that love Him. We love you both. Lisa and Biggs.

  2. It has been a pleasure serving with you. God has truly used you in my life. As Spock once told Kirk, “I have been, and always will be, your friend.” May God bless you, and keep you, may His Face shine upon you and give you piece.

  3. HI Sam

    I just discovered the news about your new adventure for God! Been praying for you Dad. I prayed for you and Ruthe this morning as the Lord leads you to finish another chapter and begin a new one in your journey of labor for Jesus.

    Your Friend

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