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Orchards grow from small beginnings through hard work and investments of faith.

Someone believes in the fruit that will be harvested, and plants seed.

Someone believes in the Lord of the Harvest and invests time and money.

I believe in the future of God’s work in the Mid-South. With God-given eyes of faith, I can “see” the people who will come to Jesus through the ministry of the Orchard, be discipled, and go the hardest-to-reach places on earth with the Gospel. It so thrills me that I can hardly remain seated to write these words.

Our finances are being managed through Global Ministries Foundation. GMF is an IRS-approved ministry that is designed to multiply ministries and monies for the glory of God around the world. We are grateful for their assistance as we launch the ORCHARD.

Giving can begin to THE ORCHARD FELLOWSHIP in several ways:

1. An E-giving platform is available through the GMF website. Hit the donation link and follow the instructions on the E-giving page. Donors should insert TOF in the purpose code box. The office staff of GMF is available to help arrange E-donations. (901.684.5556)

2. Checks can be made to GMF, P.O. Box 1150, Cordova, TN 38088, with the notation, “THE ORCHARD FELLOWSHIP.”

Jason and Kelly Stockdale and Ruthe and I really look forward to our first preview worship service Sunday night, May 2, 6:00pm. We should be able to announce the location in a day or two.


One Comment

  1. Sam,

    I would like to hear from you. I would gladly buy you lunch when you are in Memphis sometime in the near future. Call me at 901.752.4580 and we will talk if you want?

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