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We’ll be preparing for our official launch on September 12 in several ways:

1. Prayer meetings in homes.

These are gathering where we will seek the power of God for the Orchard and for each other. Since our first core value has to do with prayer and worship, and the last core value is about faith, these meetings are crucial. They will also be great times to begin to get to know one another (our fifth core value).

I invite you to consider offering your home for a prayer gathering. You might think, “my home is not large” or “my home is not nice enough” or “my home is…. whatever….”

Your home is your home! You don’t have to serve anything but cold water or coffee or tea. (If you want to bake cookies, I like oatmeal walnut raisin).

If you would to attend or host a prayer gathering, please contact Rick or Angie Osborn at 901-605-6043, or email them at

2. Informational meetings in homes.

I really want to hear your heart – what kind of church do you think Memphis needs? What dream has God planted in your heart?

I’ll also share the vision God has planted in my heart for the Orchard. Let’s see how your dream and ours might mesh.

Questions and comments are welcome! Suggestions are welcome! I want to hear from you! And, I really want to meet you!

If you would be interested in attending an informational meeting or hosting one, please call Randy Lawson at 901-258-3124 or email him at

3. Preview worship services.

We will hold at least five worship services before we launch. This will help us be as prepared as possible for September 13 and beyond.

Preview services will be held Sunday nights, at 6:00pm…

May 2

June 13

July 11

August 8

August 22

We’ll be announcing the location at the end of this week by means of this blog.

I hope you’ll be a part of most, if not all, of these services. It will be great to see you.

4. Bible Studies

I will be leading a Bible Study this Summer. If you’re interested, check this blog for more information .



  1. … have waited 3.5 years for you and Ruthe to return; now if only God and my husband don’t decide to move us to Savannah, Tennessee, I eagerly await the opportunity to serve! 🙂

  2. Sam, I am praying for God to use this work to be a blessing not just in Memphis but around the world.

  3. Hello Pastor Sam:

    Hallelujah!!!!!! LOOK AT GOD!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that you are back. God is awesome. I remember Henry Blackaby saying that wherever we are is where we’re suppose to be. I definitely believe that it is for you to be in Memphis, TN. and remember all of the spiritual warfare attacks but God has a great work for you here because your heart is definitely in the right place. I look forward to attending the fellowship with my Soul Sister Lorie (smile). Blessings. God has a purpose, plan, place, and people for such a time as this.

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