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Our values are deeply help beliefs about what is really important. What we value “drives” us, motivates, explains and guides us. Of course, different churches value different things.

Jason Stockdale and I are deeply agreed on the following core values. They are both personal and corporate for us. They are at the heart of who we are and who we want to be.

It is our ambition and intention that The Orchard Fellowship be known for the following values:

1. We value God. This means the triune God is the focus of the church, and worship and prayer are the heart of the church.

2. We value the Bible. This means the Bible is our authority for all we believe and do, and Bible teaching will permeate everything we do.

3. We value the Gospel. This means the gospel of grace is our message, means and motive for ministry.

4. We value making more disciples. This means we will be intentional about evangelism and spiritual growth in Christ-likeness.

5. We value community. This means we will be intentional about doing life together.

6. We value serving. This means everyone is gifted to minister and leaders are servants.

7. We value the family. This means we will work hard to strengthen marriages and families and singles.

8. We value the Kingdom. This means we will find ways to bless others as God has blessed us, and to extend His Kingdom to every place and people on earth.

9. We value faith. This means we will attempt great things for God and expect great things from God.



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