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Cool and inviting. Ripening fruit. Strong trees. Growth. Life.

Roots go deep, trees reach high, branch out.

Trees stand together, support one another.

Lots of seedlings that can plant new trees.

Requires a lot of work. God ultimately is the giver of fruit.

Sounds like a church, doesn’t it?

Deep roots (discipleship, spiritual growth)

Reaching high (worship)

Standing together (community)

Branching out (evangelism, church planting, international missions)

Fruit (Christ-likeness, spiritual maturity, ministry that refreshes and sustains others)

Cool and inviting (Yes, you do invite people to join you)

Yet, the fruit is not for the orchard (Yes, you are missional, turned outward, not inward)

The Orchard Fellowship is being planted in the Memphis area this summer.

Please join me in praying that the Lord of the Orchard will send laborers into his harvest.

More information tomorrow!



  1. I have prayed every day for you, Ruthe and Lujean since your days at GBC. In joy I will continue and will include this request. God is faithful.
    My new book, The Shelter, Finding Strength to Keep Watch is based on Psalm 31:19-20a– It is the call to keep watch over beauty, health, legacy and liberty. it is written into the heart of a nation that has forgotten God. I wept for a year and then wrote for almost a year. God met me in it.
    I am sure you probably know where Carey is. I do not write about it but google his name and you’ll find out.
    More to share at another time.
    They have 7 children now:0) Out tribe increases.
    Blessings to you,
    Billie Cash

  2. Sam,

    Heard about this from Randy Lawson. I am very excited about this and looking forward to hearing more about it. Joyce and I will keep you and this ministry in our prayers.

    God Bless you and your Family,

    Joe & Joyce Keohane

  3. Hey Sam. I am super excited about you and Ruthie coming back to Memphis. I want to know how Barbara and I can get involved. Looking forward to seeing you.

    Donmark McCulloch

  4. ready

  5. To God Be the Glory!!!!
    Can’t wait to hear you preach again!!!!!

  6. On Board; saturating the ground in Prayer…

    Jesus said, “You did not choose ME, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain” (John 15:14, 16)

    Praise HIM! His ways are not our ways, let us join him in HIS redeemptive work while we “trust and immediately OBEY” his commands.
    Go forth Pastor Sam, it is in God’s hands.
    We are here actively waiting, and watching for HIS instructions.
    Much Love in Christ Jesus, Lorie

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