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Jim and Cindy Siegfried are close friends to many people. I count them as dear friends.

I remember when Jim was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. The prognosis was not good.

Treatment began – and Jim’s spiritual growth curve turned straight up. So did Cindy’s.

They launched a ministry called F.a.i.t.H. – Facing An Illness Through Him. Dozens of families have been touched through the support group they established. They have inspired me – and been my counselors on more than one occasion.

I was privileged to baptize a dear man Jim led to Christ in the hospital, just before he died. It was the first time that I sprinkled someone – and it was thoroughly Christian!

When I asked Jim to share his testimony as part of my sermon in chapel at Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary, Jim upstaged me. I was glad. After all, my sermon was soon forgotten – but not his words and example.

Several weeks ago, the news came – Jim was declared cancer-free. He could only weep and praise God.

Now, Cindy has written the story of how she persevered, as the caregiver. The book is honest in its description of the roller-coaster of emotion. It is also filled with humor and faith in our sovereign and good Father.

I highly recommend Cindy’s book. She reveals the secrets to joy when you have to take a trip you would rather avoid – and cannot. She is quite a writer!


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  1. What a great testimony. I am so grateful God has healed Jim.

    Great article on the front page of the Germantown news and on the website about this.

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