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It’s so easy for me (you, too?) to bump along from one busy week to another without ever stopping to ask where I’m going, where I should be going, how I’m doing, why I’m doing what I’m doing, etc. In other words, it’s easy to be careless about life.

Tucked away In the Old Testament book of Haggai is a three-word key to getting control of your life: “Consider your ways!” (Haggai 1:5) In other word, think about what is happening to you, think about what God has told you.

There is no better time to “consider your ways” than the beginning of a new year. Don Whitney gives a list of questions that I’m using to help me think about my life.

What’s one thing you could do this year to increase your enjoyment of God?

What’s the most humanly impossible thing you will ask God to do this year?

What’s the single most important thing you could do to improve the quality of your family life this year?

In which spiritual discipline do you most want to make progress this year, and what will you do about it?

What is the single biggest time-waster in your life, and what will you do about it this year?

What is the most helpful new way you could strengthen your church?

For whose salvation will you pray most fervently this year?

What’s the most important way you will, by God’s grace, try to make this year different from last year?

What one thing could you do to improve your prayer life this year?

What single thing that you plan to do this year will matter most in ten years? In eternity?

Remember two verses as you answer these questions:

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage” (Proverbs 21:5).

“Apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

Click here to see 21 more questions to help you consider your life.


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