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Watch this and think: the Creator of all things – and the video just shows the visible things – there is a vast invisible universe of beings as well – the Creator of all things came to this teeny, tiny planet, to a young virgin teenager’s womb, lived among us (imagine the Creator with the limitations of skin, and physical health and brain capacity) and the men of this tiny speck of dust killed him – the Creator. And He rose up from the dead, and is now about redeeming and restoring his creation. One day, in the fullness of time, Jesus, Supreme King of the Universe, will return to this silent planet (readers of C. S. Lewis understand) and establish His kingdom which shall never end.

One more thing – as I watched the video again, Eph 1:3-5 came to mind (look it up and read it. Don’t argue about it – delight in it). Before the creation of the universe God set his affections on you, and determined to adopt you as his child.


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  1. Pastor Sam, I can not express just how much of a blessing that you and Bro. Jason are to me and the church. God always seems to lay on your hearts just what we need every Sunday. Even my 2 year old looks forward to attending church on Sunday mornings, which sustains me throughout the week. The things you preach take on an entirely different and clear meaning to me…spripture I have read and heard all my life!

    I know without a doubt that God placed us in Hope at the right time in our lives. This is my growing time in the Lord, and He has taught me some hard lessons…but I wouldn’t trade a trial or sorrow for the joy that He promised would come and did come in the morning. God is so faithful to His promises whether we are or not. So amazing!

    I really appreciate the note of thanks you sent me. And you honestly have no idea just how much of a product of God’s amazing grace that I really am. He saved my life physically as well as spiritually, and He gave me a beautiful little girl to bring me through some tough times.

    Now to the point (LOL!): I was wondering if and when the church would post the sermon on adoption. I would love to hear it again, and several friends are wanting to listen as well.

    I hope y’all had a wonderful CHRISTmas and an even better New Year!

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