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There is a sermon illustration here somewhere.



  1. Funny! I bet Dave Ramsey could have made the deal.

  2. Ha! I’m seeing similarities here

  3. This is exactly how I feel when working with ‘lenders’. They are willing to pay me 1.5% per year for three years on a CD, but if I tell them I will borrow money at 1.5% they look at me all funny. Even worse, they will loan me my own money at 19.99% and 29.99%. You may wonder how? Simple, if my checkbook balance is $1000, and I owe $1000 on my credit card, well, they have to charge me 19.99%, but they would not dare dream of paying me even half that.

    Last year took the cake. In their hour of desperation, they were bailed out by “US”. Anyone else would have had a half price sale, or a no reasonable offer refused promotion for their merchandise. If the banks had called me and said “Mr Lee, for a limited time, we will let you pay off your $1000 loan for $500” I would have jumped on it. But that wouldn’t work for them, because I would have paid money from my checking account in THEIR bank, and been debt free, and they would have $500 less on deposit (in my account), but $1000 less loaned out. So they would have been upside down, and me, rightfully so, right side up.

    Maybe this year, they will send me a Christmas card as a gesture of their gratitude. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

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